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Imagine training in a proven system to get you out of your rut, focused and actualizing results.

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Imagine tailoring this proven system to grow your skills and create your unique up-leveled results.

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Imagine training to lead others through this proven system, delivering courses with exposure.

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Based on psychology and neuroscience, and taught to over 4000 students, our system has been seen on…

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I started working with Andrea because I was tired of feeling stuck, knowing there was more for me, but not knowing how to get there. Prior to finding Andrea I was working 14 hour days 5 days a week, completely disconnected from my passions, spending my time on necessary but mundane projects outside of my natural gifts, and building my own prison rather than the business of my dreams. Working with Andrea I discovered my archetypal gifts, challenges and learned how to get (and stay) of out of my own way. Read more here.

Dr. Delicia Haynes, Family Doctor & Health Care Transformationist

The Inner Navigation Centre (INC) foundational tools that I learned from the Success on Fire program have helped me immensely in both my career development and business interactions.  Without this process I would not have advanced as far in my career as I have. I found a foundation, that I use time and again, that works unlike anything else out there. I have the freedom to create my life and work so I thrive, doing what I love, while being in love with my personal life. I recommend Success on Fire to anyone no matter what his or her occupation or situation. Read more here

Andrew Carter

I love Success On Fire’s™, Inner Navigation System, the foundation of the training! Sometimes after using it, my relationships change immediately! This seems to work instantly and I totally love it. Success on Fire’s Core training can be helpful in many many businesses. I can see people using it for manifesting goals, developing team, enhancing management communication, realizing goals for non-profits, and so many more options!  Success on Fire™ is a very original and cool concept! Read more here. 

Dr. Ellen De Lange Ros

Meet The Founder of Success On Fire™ Academy Andrea Carter:

I’m an avid science geek, passionate spiritual explorer, zealous leadership and gender equality visionary. I’m a shameless romantic wife of nearly 20 years and a hard-core Momma of 2.  This is my life…

Once upon a time, I was a therapist who specialized in women’s health issues, sports performance and career development. What did all three of these areas have in common? Their results were dependent on their ability to focus on solutions. I used concepts of science, psychology, spirituality and mental training to unleash their potential for healing and success.

I grew frustrated that there wasn’t a place that educated people on simple yet essential principles for creating success on their terms – one that would create permanent change.

The Inner Navigation Centre™ has been something I’ve created, trained, taught and used for nearly 20 years.  It’s helped create a rock solid marriage, highly successful businesses, and 2 awesome children… and that’s just my story.

What I am very clear on, is that after nearly 20 years of training and working privately with clients, it was time to bring this unique method into public access.  That’s why I created Success on Fire Academy™ because now more than ever people are bombarded with distractions and diversions, creating mental ruts and an inability to connect with one’s path and purpose.

Now that I’ve released this method,  I spend my days showing people how to captivate joy, success and their dreams by unleashing their unlimited human potential – a complete fusion of science, psychology, spirituality, training and business.

This is my life’s work meeting your soul. Welcome to my family. What is the success dream you’re imagining? Let’s create it together!

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LEARN – Let’s start with the 3 Step Success Formula

Our tested formula enables professionals to achieve their ‘impossible’, proven through science, psychology and the study of human behavior.

Power Words

The words you use daily are shaping your DNA. Did you know that there are specific words you can use to elevate your results? Yes, you can cultivate results with your word choice!

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Mental Construct

What you think about creates your results. Don’t have a training program for your mind? A mental construct will help you focus on solutions and opportunities.

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Daily Rituals

What if instead of burning all your energy in seeking the ‘right steps’, you had a tested method you could use to take action? Learn to make each day count.

I want easy to follow rituals for results!

GROW – Let’s tailor the proven system for your specific needs

Once you’ve discovered how to create your own mental construct for success, you’ll see how versatile it is for your results.  To keep you on track and to help you go further, farther and faster we’ve tailored specific aspects to your needs.  

From sales and marketing to sports and health care, building a business to millennial success development we’ve got you covered!

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LEAD – Learn to lead others in this proven system

We’re growing and recognize that now more than ever we need awesome trainers who are ready to deliver courses and help fill the demand for private training.  Each year I take a small group of trainers through personalized and intensive training to deliver the proven system and be able to integrate their specialty into online and in person courses.  

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Are you ready to get unstuck?

Yes, I want the 3 Step Formula