Have you ever sat down and wrote out a goal that you wanted to succeed at?  You wrote it down, maybe put it up on a wall.  You may have even written out action steps to help you succeed.  Then for about a week you were really engaged with that goal and those steps.  The second week you kept at it and continued to take action based on what you wanted.  The third week in, something popped up and it took you off course.  A couple of days later you realize oops – I haven’t been taking the action I was supposed to take in order to achieve that specific goal.  All of the sudden you start to waver on the benefits of the goal.  You may have even asked yourself, “Is this really what I want?  Do I really need to have this?  Is this my true definition of success?” You see this is typical for most people.  They can stay engaged for about three weeks on average and then studies show that after three weeks most people revert back to the old habits – neuroscientists call this, “The Switch Cost”.

The Switch Cost is a function that occurs in the brain where the hormones released make you feel uncomfortable. 

What's the Switch Cost FactorLOGOThe switch cost occurs when you are trying to change something or when you’re trying to create something you’ve never done before.  Brain science shows that humans like to repeat patterns, and stay in their comfort zone.  The brain likes to use the same pathways, just like you like to drive to work using the same route each day.  In order to succeed, you must override the switch cost and push past the road blocks.  Most people will give you a simple formula to do this – and most fail trying to use that formula – why because everyone has a unique formula to navigate to their idea of what true success is.


I’m going to tell you something next that you already know – you’re human. 

What that means is that to truly succeed at anything, bringing humanity into the picture is essential to your success.  There are three factors that make you human, they include: the mind, the physical body and the essence or spirit of who you are.  Each one of these factors when fused and aligned together can set your success on fire, regardless of the goal.

So let me ask you – are you feeling lit up from the inside out right now at work, in your personal life, and in your day to day actions?  This is not only possible, but it’s how you can create the momentum of success most people only dream of, so let’s step into the light together right now.

The only way to over-ride the switch cost is to bring the essence of who you are and what you are here to accomplish in your life time into alignment with your mind.   An incredible thing happens when you do this – you can rewire your physical brain and override any switch cost.

We’ve watched it countless times with incredibly successful people, Steve Jobs being one of them.  When Steve Jobs originally came up with the idea of bringing computers into the lives of all North Americans he had no idea how he was going to do that.  What he did do, was connect to what he was passionate about, igniting his spirit to want to keep going.  He engaged his mind by seeking out step after step determining what needed to occur.  Even when he lost the company he had built from the ground up, he did not give up. Instead Steve Jobs used his passion and essence of who he was, fused with his mindset, to continue to override the switch cost, resulting in a legacy of success that continues today.

Being successful brings in humanness. There are a lot of programs out there, templates to follow, so-called gurus to show you how to be successful all with their own formulas.

Here’s the catch – without knowing why you are doing something (the essence of you), without understanding your creativity and power of your thought process (the mind), one cannot over-ride the physical body or brain to navigate around the “road blocks” or “construction sites” that will pop up while you are striving to your goal.

To override the switch cost, the factors of why must outweigh the how.

You see, the three factors that make or break your success are as basic as they come, but when these three parts (the mind, the brain/body and the spirit or essence of you) are in combination and they are working together they shape who you are on both the outside and the inside.  In other words, you are who you are today, and you have what you have in your life because of how these three factors have worked in unison over the course of your life – up until now.

Therefore, if you don’t like what you are currently experiencing, and you’re striving for a level of success you know is possible, (whether that is a successful relationship to owning a seven figure business), it starts with uncovering your three key success factors:

  1. Who Are You – Really? (Essence & Spirit)
    Who You Really Are holds the essence of you – Your Super Power and Your Bigger Why.  Everyone has this.  You don’t have to cultivate it or work on it – it’s something you just are and have.  I believe that when you discover what yours is, it gives you the faith, the will, and the energy to continue to take action towards achieving what you’re meant to.  
  2. Your Specific Thoughts & Questions (Your Mind Dictates Your Reality)
    Once you’ve discovered Your Super Power & Bigger Why – clarity on what is imperative.  Leave any “how thoughts or questions” out of the equation.  Deciding what you want with specificity and clarity is most important.  Then creating a mental construct for your success, where you can imagine it and connect to it viscerally – that is the game changer.
  3. Creatively Training Your Brain & Physical Body
    Neuroscience now shows that when you use positive psychology and creativity, you can successfully alter the makeup of your cells.  You can create dopamine – the feel good neurotransmitter needed to override the Switch Cost.  The more you engage with your Super Power, Bigger Why and specific thoughts and questions related to you – the faster your successful outcome will come to you.

Power To Thrive™ is a course where in 2 days you can learn how to override any switch factor.  In Power To Thrive™ you create your own mental construct called the Inner Navigation Centre™.

Watch This Video Here.

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