People often have a funny attitude about money.  Most people are quick to say that money doesn’t mean a lot to them, but spend their lives working to get it. Why not admit that money is important, it is basic to living a good life, and it’s wonderful if rightly used?

Money reacts to your attitudes about it, therefore think well of it and admire what it can do, and you are much more likely to enjoy more of it. See it as a tyrant, and it will be so. Continually remind yourself of the relationship between money and thought. Think of and expect lavish abundance for the day ahead when you wake up in the morning. You may be surprised at what happens.

Don’t believe me?  Allow me to introduce you to a fellow named Albert Einstein. Albert EinsteinHe shook up the scientific world by proving that ‘substance’ (or energy – the unformed) is convertible with matter (the formed, which includes money). Einstein showed that the physical and non-physical worlds are convertible and interchangeable. Prosperity thinking acknowledges the connection between the invisible ‘substance’ or energy that makes up the universe and your thoughts. By connecting the two, you have greater control over the creation of matter.

So let me ask you, “What have you been saying about Money today?” Consider for a moment your day-in-day-out thoughts about money.  Some are passed down from your parents, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “Money is evil”, “The rich are bad people” for example.

Psychologically the subconscious mind converts these passed down beliefs into daily thoughts and actions that you are taking without realizing.

Try this to see what your attitude is attracting with money:

  • Take 2 minutes, set a timer, think about money.
  • Write down all the thoughts that pop up in relationship to money and do not censor it.
  • Look at each sentence you made on paper and question it – “Is it true?”
  • Anything that you cannot 100% say is true, means you’ve been giving money that energy. 

Because money reacts to your attitudes about it, decide what attitude you want to have instead.

Try this to create a positive attitude for money to react with: 

  • Take 2 minutes, set a timer, think about a person you love and write their name at the top of the page.
  • Write down all the attitudes, attributes and awesomeness you love that person for.
  • Look at each sentence you made on the paper.
  • Scratch out the name on the top of the page and instead replace it with the name “MONEY”

You can shift anything in your life, money included. Why not start today. Why not see what you are capable of. Why not believe and align with what Einstein proved long ago?

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