Claude Bristol was a hard-headed journalist, who met people from every domination and sect while acting as a church editor of a large city newspaper.  He also at one point dipped his toe into being a police reporter where he met all sorts of intriguing and logical thinkers, intuitives and superhuman heroes.  He later read hundreds of books on psychology, religion, science, metaphysics and ancient magic.  He, like myself, dove into an exploration of what allows one person to rise to great heights vs another who seems to run on autopilot?  What is that one common factor or ‘golden thread’ that runs through all spiritual teachings, religions, coaching programs and lift-your-life-up-by-your-bootstraps-teachings to attain the success you’re seeking?

Simple – it’s your belief.

Bristol, author of The Magic of Believing, 1948, had learned the truth of philosopher William James’ statement that, “Belief creates its verification in fact.” Just as fearful thoughts set you up to experience the unfortunate situation that you can’t stop thinking about, optimistic thoughts inevitably form favourable circumstances.

I’ve been a firm believer – no pun intended – for nearly 20 years that what you think, what you believe, what you say to yourself in the darkness of your mind, shapes your reality.

Why do people do active visualizations, carry around good-luck pieces of any kind, visit psychics or meditate?  These techniques alone do not bring good fortune or success – it is the belief in their efficacy that is powerful.

Belief, is also what brought me full circle from solely coaching women entrepreneurs and over-achieving CEO’s (who had kept me as their best kept secret) into releasing Success On Fire™ to the world.  The reason?  You got it – it’s because I believe the time is now.6

Yes, we know beliefs are the power that fuel reality.  Yes, we also know that an individual’s awareness of the conscious and subconscious mind contains the key to the core of belief power.  But what most people have not learned is a simple, practical, visceral way to hold positive beliefs.  The majority of people walk around believing they are ‘positive people’ all the while thinking negatively day in and day out, and struggling with why success has not knocked on their door.

Simple – it’s because if you’re not believing it, thinking it, feeling it and remaining connected to the positive outcome even in the face of adversity – success can’t happen.

So why is success on your terms so difficult?  Has anyone ever taught you how to think, feel, and stay connected to your belief? Your brain works in mental images, whatever you imagine or focus on will become your reality.

Your mind helps your brain shape those images by adding in what you’ve learned and experienced so far in your life.

Who you believe you are as a person holds the key to unlocking both the mind and the brain.

  • Are you ready to believe you are as awesome as others say you are?
  • Are you ready to look at the positves you brought to the world?
  • Are you ready to look at the impact you make on your community, family, and circle of friends?
  • Are you shying away as I’m asking this?
  • If this made you feel uncomfortable having to “go there” it’s likely the very reason you’re struggling.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to go to the extreme other side of narcissism and become Kanye West!  What I’m saying is that you can’t believe in your success until you recognize worth and value while having a visceral connection to believing it possible.

Here’s my challenge for you – It is high time change begins at the grassroots level of self. So what can you believe about yourself today that supports your success flowing into your life?

In a world vying for gender equality, an end to poverty, peace and liberation – without believing it to be possible, status quo will remain.

I ask you to stop looking to those who are successful and try to achieve success by imitation. Instead look at your inner qualities, your why, your power.   The more you imitate the further you get from what you really want. 

The key is to learn about who you really are, how you can create your own powerful framework for success and what success really boils down to for you.

So back to that challenge – what is one small thing you can start believing about yourself today?

Would it be helpful to see the one common belief that eight highly successful people, (who have what they do mastered), all share in common each morning so that they continue to be Success On Fire™? You can immediately use this case study to implement the one thing they all believe in common, to begin creating your power to thrive!

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