After nearly 20 years of being in business for myself and working with countless clients who have re-invented themselves into success engines, I wanted to share my most basic tip that has powerful impact.

The majority of people who hire me do so because they are struggling with what makes them unique.  What is their “X Factor” or as I like to call it your “Super Power”?  Let’s get one thing straight right now.  It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or what you do!  Regardless if you’re selling a service or a product in ANY industry – the same is true – people are buying YOU, not “it”.  Which means you have to know your Super Power!

It doesn’t matter what the industry, what the service, what the product – behind it all are people – you matter.

Here are the top 3 critical factors people who’ve mastered this and are successful in their industry do:

  1. They’ve discovered their “X Factor” or “Super Power” approach to their service or product.
  2. They’re clear on why they are the expert and why they are doing it.
  3. They’ve clearly identified the main problems or concerns clients are experiencing and they’re tailoring the business to meet those problems and concerns.

Here are a couple of simple starter tips to help you discover your “X Factor” or “Super Power” and align your service to your sales:

  1. Take 5 short minutes and brainstorm all the ways your client’s lives are impacted by the What's Your Super PowerLOGwork you do with them.  Try to come up with a list of 30.
  2. Take 5 short minutes and brainstorm the negative impact or cost to your client by not getting the help that they need, that only you provide.
  3. Take 3 minutes and brainstorm the specific industry related benefits that your clients receive from you specifically because of your knowledge, life experiences, accumulation of training courses, books you’ve read related to your industry, and skills you’ve acquired.

Once you’ve looked at the specific qualities that you bring to your service, begin to identify a specific approach that you take with your clients that is different from others.  This is one of the key ways to turn your small business into a thriving conglomerate!

Would it be helpful to see the only thing that eight highly successful people, (who have what they do mastered), do in common each morning so that they continue to be Success On Fire™? You can immediately use this case study we did and implement the one thing they all have in common, then begin creating your unique system to thrive!

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