Do you ever think about what you think about?  Seriously.  In the course of a day, do you ever take time to pause and consider what you are thinking and where your attention is focused?  If you do, do you know how to course correct if you’re thoughts are not working in your favor?

Most people struggle to understand why it feels as if their life is “happening to them” and what the science of success is showing is that your thoughts have a tremendous impact on your life, more than we realize.

For example, did you know that your thoughts can change your hormones? Ladies, think about this!  Over the course of a month, your cycle of hormones can go through huge fluctuations – add in negative thinking and you’d be amazed to see what your body is trying to get through each day to just keep you standing!

Here’s another one – did you know that your thoughts can either give you more energy or steal your energy?  Do you get a four-o’clock energy dive?  It could be from spending too much of your day focusing on problems and issues, rather than solutions…

internal-dialogue-1So if you’re finding you are:

  • feeling tired at the end of each day,
  • struggling with your weight,
  • strained with your relationships,
  • frustrated with your career,
  • stressing over money,
  • having difficulty sleeping,
  • overwhelmed or stuck,
  • pushing to make your life happen or forcing things or people to come through for you,
  • are not happy or can’t experience gratitude for what you have?

If you have checked off more than 2 areas on this list than…the likelihood of you being stuck in negative internal dialogue or thought patterns is pretty high.

AND…let’s be honest…don’t most women have at least one of these checked off??

According to Stanford University studies, only 3% of the world’s population understand how to interrupt the negative dialogue experienced in daily living.  Most people are conditioned to trust the dialogue they hear inside their head, instead of creating dialogue that serves them.

It’s hard for most people because your internal dialogue isn’t who you are, it’s simply a collection of experiences, events, commentaries from your environment that unless you are taught otherwise defines who you think you are and what you’re capable of.

brain-powerPeople are not taught how to shift gears out of negative dialogue, that is so easily listened to, and shapes the reality experienced. While breath work, meditation, positive thinking are all advantageous and great starters, most people require a repetitive mental construct or model they can use quickly and on demand when they find themselves stuck.

It is our mission to help change the world one person at a time, by teaching people how to shift their thoughts and focus using a construct that they create in their mind.

Imagine what you could do if you had a specific step by step model that meant something to you, so even if your environment could not change your internal dialogue could… What would you do differently in your life?

Let’s get started on this mindset shift together.  Grab my eReport, Achieve Your Impossible, Discover The Proven Formula To Get UnStuck & Create Results.

Andrea Carter is the CEO & Founder of Success On Fire™ Academy and Wealthy Woman Warrior.  She has worked with Olympic Athletes, Professional Football Players, CEOs, B2B, Entrepreneurs, Students and Academics using Power To Thrive™ methods.  She is now training others to deliver the work at Success On Fire™ Academy and is creating a platform for collaboration and change for women.  Stay connected to see the upcoming changes to both websites and social media!