It’s October.  Breast Cancer Month is here and it holds a near and dear place to my heart as a ‘cancer thriver’ myself and as a woman with many women in my life who also have thrived through cancer, I’m thrilled to be joining you this month with information I’m certain you’re going to find so valuable!

Did you notice I didn’t use the wording, “cervical cancer survivor”?  There’s a reason for that!

Did you know that the words that you use are powerful enough to change your DNA?

This research has even been used by a prominent cancer treatment centre and I wish it was more mainstream knowledge…and then I had a thought!

I teach this content daily in my Success On Fire Academy training courses.  I’ve used this knowledge and performed clinical studies and research for nearly 20 years – what a perfect opportunity for me to share the content with you in SheSpark magazine so that you can THRIVE instead of SURVIVE.  It’s my tribute if you will to help women nurture their “ta-ta’s”, soul, mind and brain!  An all-in-one article if you will!

Most women (and men) greet each other and use words that have no power.  Often they even use words that rob them of power and energy.  Think of the last time you heard someone else (or even yourself) respond to a greeting of, “How are you?” with “Yah, I’m ok”, or “Hanging in there.”, or “I’m surviving!”

All of these are examples of what I call ‘Power Crushing Words’ and by simply changing your wording to ‘Power Cultivating Words’ you can transform so many important things in your life, including your health, wealth, career, relationships so that you are finally purpose-driven and in your flow!

Use ‘Power Cultivator’ Words to change your situation, not describe it:

  1. First, the next time someone asks, “How are you?” whether it’s someone at work or a cashier at a store, respond with strength! Give them an energetic and enthusiastic, “Terrific!”, “Amazing”, “Living the dream!”  It will be hard to do without smiling, and likely the person you’re speaking to will deliver one back to you!
  2. Second, you will likely feel a physical response of increased energy as you do it, so pause and notice that uplift in energy. It will train your brain and body to trust your ‘Power Cultivating Words’ to generate more power and energy for you.
  3. Third, from a neurophysiological perspective, your words send a message to your mind and brain that will be consistent with feeling “Terrific!” or “Awesome!”, creating your reality to match it!

To see fast results do this with enthusiasm!

When you do, your mind will begin to act on what you’re saying and begin to design your reality to be consistent with your thoughts and words, this is the initial part of transforming what I call your ‘Success DNA’.

Remember, you’re using words to change your situation not describe it.  That is critical to understand so that you let go of the challenge that you don’t feel authentic.  If you understand you’re using specific words to change your experience instead of describing it, you’ll have a very different connection to the words you choose and use.

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By consciously building your power cultivating words, on days where you feel low in your energy, on days when you are overwhelmed with tasks, on days when you are surviving instead of thriving you can use specific words to generate more energy and change your situation.

The power of your actions is preceded by the power of your words.

Speak with power to bring out the best in yourself and others – it elevates your energy, repairs your cells and accelerates success.

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