Top 3 proven mental wellness anti-aging techniques that you can do in under 15 minutes to take 10 years off your face without products, surgery or supplements

Timeless beauty with a youthful and glowing complexion is a subject all women want to know more about.  Current statistics show that cosmetic surgery has been on the upswing for women under the age of 35 for the past 5 years because of the societal pressures women are facing today.  Botox, supplements, anti-aging creams have become go-to quick fixes so that women don’t look tired, run down, or as if they aren’t capable of handling their long lists of to-do’s.

For a woman’s career, her appearance counts. For a woman’s self-esteem, her appearance counts. For a woman’s self-confidence her appearance counts.

Interestingly, although the quick fixes help in the interim, by the time women are into their 40’s these quick fixes become increasingly costly and often unsustainable, creating a decrease in a woman’s self-esteem and self-confidence just at the time when life is really getting good!

You’ve likely heard the saying that “beauty comes from within” throughout your life, and with over 15 years of experience in mental wellness, I can attest that it is true!  Here are 3 proven anti-aging techniques that you can do in under 15 minutes per day, that will take 10 years off your face without any other products, surgery or supplements – and best of all they’ll boost your self-esteem and your self-confidence while making your skin glow!

Disclaimer – When you read these simple techniques and proven techniques you may think to yourself, “these seem way to simple to work” but, before you dismiss them, you should know that current research shows that your words, what you imagine and your daily rituals impact your DNA. 

Try these out today and allow these simple techniques to take 10 years off your face naturally!

1Proven Anti-Aging Technique #1 to take 10 years off your face while boosting your self-esteem and confidence in 5 minutes or less.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath into your body.  Next, imagine you can breathe only into your forehead.  As you do imagine breathing relaxation into your forehead and on your exhale imagine that you’re releasing the tension you’ve been holding there.

Next breathe into your eyes.  Again imagine breathing relaxation into your eyes and on your exhale imagine all of the tension around your eyes softening easily.

Lastly, breathe into your mouth and jaw.  Imagine breathing relaxation into your mouth and jaw and on your exhale imagine all the tension around your mouth and within your jaw relaxing.

Why this works – Women carry tension, stress, and mental challenges within their tissues.  The reason you often feel more youthful after having botox, cosmetic surgery, a facial or any other anti-aging procedure is because the physical manipulation helps you release that tension psychologically and physically.  By doing this technique every day for 5 minutes per day and for a minimum of a month, you’ll get a huge transformation within your skin naturally.  The reason this works is because most people have never learned how to relax their facial muscles, that when tense are contributing to a decrease in elasticity and vibrancy.  Simple daily mental wellness strategies make a significant difference in your skin!

2Proven Anti-Aging Technique #2 to take 10 years off your face while boosting your self-esteem and confidence in 5 minutes or less.

Although this works best if you have a mental construct to activate the specific ‘Success DNA’ in your brain – it has still shown results for many men and women’s physical appearance and self-confidence.

Close your eyes.  Imagine yourself at the time when you felt you were most sexy, beautiful and healthy.  Imagine that version of yourself standing in front of you right now.  Next imagine you can step into that version of yourself.  Take a deep breath and step into yourself when you were at your sexiest, most beautiful and healthy self.  Once you’ve stepped into yourself exhale and relax into this vital, energetic and sensual beauty that you are.  Take 3 minutes to imagine yourself in this body, being this body, having this body.  Then open your eyes and get back to whatever you have on your schedule.

Why this works – your brain is an incredible neurophysiological tool!  Using your mind to engage your imagination with these simple yet specific steps, you will stimulate specific areas in your brain to release hormones that give you a youthful appearance and more energy!  This simple technique has changed the lives of countless men and women in appearance and confidence.  Give it a try and then once you’ve completed it notice how your body and mind feel energized and more alive!

3Proven Anti-Aging Technique #3 to take 10 years off your face while boosting your self-esteem and confidence in 5 minutes or less.

This one must be done first thing in the morning, incorporate it into your morning ritual and you’ll love what happens for your appearance, energy levels, and mindset

You can do this technique before you get out of bed. With your eyes closed, take a deep breath into your entire body.  Imagine you are your own version Super Woman. You’ve got the sexy figure, outfit, glowing skin, shiny hair and brains to make a huge impact in your world.  You know you have a purpose to fulfill.  You know you have a super power unlike anyone else in the world.  Imagine your day in front of you, with you navigating it from this perspective.  Regardless of any perceived challenges you are capable today to rise to your potential.  Today there is nothing stopping you from actualizing your dreams, goals, and impact.  Open your eyes and get out of bed imagining yourself still wearing your Super Woman cape, outfit and energy.

Why this works – Most people have never learned the power of their mind and brain.  Quite simply this technique engages your neuroanatomy to increase the right hormones and endorphins to energize your physical body while raising circulation to key areas.

If you’re searching for a lifeline to timeless beauty, begin nourishing your internal source of power that comes from your mental wellness.  Incorporating these simple and easy techniques will give you results of amazement and, you’ll likely smile to yourself knowing when someone says to you, “Wow – you’re radiant today – what are you doing?”, that the only thing you changed was your mind.

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