sfawhatsthesolutionHave you noticed we’re in a time of uncertainty globally?

People are searching right now for stability, guidance, and support.  If you are a coach, practitioner, or service provider this is the time for you to look for places where you can be in service AND that means looking at your value and being optimistic about who you are and what purpose you’re serving in the world.

Have you also noticed that recently meditation, yoga, visualization, positive psychology and coaching practices have become more widely popular across the globe?  We’re starting to see technology, courses and programs popping up everywhere and although we’ve had advancements in teaching the general public how to reduce stress, be happier, go after what they want – this is a 9-billion-dollar industry, and it’s failing the masses across the globe.

In fact, there is a specific aspect that is missing right now and its actually creating more confusion, doubt and struggle for everyone.

Most people are stuck drifting with a sense of “this isn’t working for me” or “what’s wrong with me?” because they are looking outside of themselves for answers, justification, validation, credibility and value.  There is more depression and mental health issues, and absenteeism due to stress than ever before.


In fact, in 2020 – only 3 short years away, depression will become the #1 reason for disability across the globe and that’s according to the World Health Organization.

What is sad, is that this is the very reason most coaches, practitioners and service providers got into their profession – to make an impact and help others succeed, thrive, experience happiness and joy, learn how to live up to their potential.

Yes, you absolutely are needed. 

So why is this happening? Why are there more coaches, practitioners, healers and service professionals than ever before, yet most are not getting through to the masses?  Based on these stats everyone should be in demand so what is the #1 reason the public and the professionals who can make a difference are stuck drifting in futile search of success, happiness, love and money?

It all comes down to your value.

Most coaches, practitioners and service professionals are undervaluing their services and time because of an old model and because there isn’t a system that shows you how to value yourself and what you do.

Most marketing coaches just tell you to go out and charge more and that’s great in theory but if you’re not doing something to fix the internal struggle and learn how to embody your value, you’ll continue to struggle because you can’t see that you are capable of receiving more.

In fact, most psychological conditioning received in our society is that you have no value until you’ve proved that you can do something.  So if you do not have a client list, if you do not have high paying clients, if you do not have a niche that shows your specialty your value isn’t great enough to attract more.  According to this model, if you haven’t been successful you have no value….here’s the reframe:

Clients come to you not because of what you necessarily do, but for who you are.

In this time of uncertainty, if you are in this profession you are here because you have the potential to make a difference and be in service.

Don’t ever let an old out of date model, dictate your value – EVER.

You are needed now and if you can learn how to honor your value – the masses can too.

For coaches, professionals and service providers if you are stuck in drifting mode, where you’re undervaluing your services, your worth and who you are –  the clients who need you won’t be able to connect with you.  No marketing plan or spruced up pricing is going to change that.

Here’s the dagger in the heart – or at least the realization of this for me years ago felt like a dagger to my heart …

The masses cannot recognize their own value if the people in the world who are meant to coach, heal, guide and lead are not doing it for themselves.

What’s of interest, is that research shows that in order to connect with your real value, the value that’s not based on external validation, 2 things must happen.

#1 – You must train your brain using a systems approach to change your internal patters so that you can recondition your value.

#2 – You must connect the new internal patterns to who you are as a person – meaning your bigger purpose and your soul.

Let me help you – watch the replay of a live webinar I just recently hosted on this topic – click here to access it

In 99% of the clients I work with, their purpose is totally clear.  Most of you feel called to your profession – I know I did and it was painful to be in a profession knowing I was supposed to be making a difference and yet not delivering the difference.

It can be the most painful experience because you’re being forced to search for all sorts of ways to try to get your bigger purpose out to the world … you try different marketing tools, you try different social media campaigns, you write books, you write articles and it seems that even though you’re doing all these things nothing seems to stick…

So then when your try after try doesn’t work, eventually you begin to believe that it’s you – that somehow you’re not good enough and I want to tell you right now that this isn’t the problem.

You are good enough.  You are deserving enough.  You are skilled enough.  You are meant to connect to your bigger purpose.  I believe this wholeheartedly because I was once in your shoes and in only a short couple of years I’ve turned this around substantially using a system that I created and I know you can too.

Think about this for a moment, money is how society deems your worth.

BUT money is just a function of what you believe you’re worth and what you believe is possible to achieve.

Those beliefs are merely patterns in the brain.

Most coaches, practitioners and service providers have been trained in their profession with the hard skills of their profession, however what they haven’t been trained in is the soft skills of confidence, self-esteem, leadership, and self-worth which are all patterns in the brain that are deeply connected to your soul.

One of the main reason this 9-billion-dollar industry is struggling is because those who can ignite change have not been taught how to value themselves so that they can thrive.

AND in light of these past weeks, the world needs this more than ever right now.  We have to empower the people who are delivering the content first so that the masses can also discover how to claim it.

As a coach, practitioner or service provider when you are able to change the patterns in your brain around what you’re capable of earning, what you’re able to deliver, what your able to provide to clients, and who you are serving – your true value is ignited and the drifting and searching outside of yourself for your value, it ends.

If you need help with owning your value, I urge you – take action on this today.  Click to attend

Here’s what others who have attended the previous LIVE webinar training have said:


You are needed right now and taking a small step to own your value means you are in alignment with why you got into this profession.

Will I see you there?