There’s a rawness looming in the air for women after this presidential election.  It’s palpable and the rawness is running the risk of disabling future progress and gender equality.

Most women have had the experience where they should’ve received something they thought they earned –– the job promotion, the salary increase, the new client, the endorsement – the baby they dreamed of since they were 6, the loving partner they believed would share their hopes, dreams and their bed – we’ve grown up being told, “go after what you want – hard work will pay off”, yet after this election most are contemplating, questioning, and mourning the sacrifices made, wondering was it all for not?

It stings being hustled.  It sucks being overlooked.  It aches being devalued.

A re-frame for these electoral results is what I ask you to consider because the more personal we choose to interpret the outcome, the harder it will be to recover and the longer it will take for women to regain momentum.

Heading into this Holiday Season and 2017, I ask you to dig deep and draw out the most powerful behaviour stored within the human condition – optimism. Don’t laugh.  Optimism is truly powerful.  Optimism ignites deep changes within your DNA and supports otherwise dead in the water deals and hopeless situations, into possibility and potential.

What is optimism?  Optimism is the ability to look at any situation and instead of focusing on the challenges, engaging the mind to search for a solution.  It’s true, we’re not taught how to do this in school or in most regular family upbringing – it certainly wasn’t taught in our family home or in my school – yet over the course of my life and the countless women I’ve worked with I guarantee it’s the only solution worth exploring.

The usual response that we learn in society and within our homes is typically that an “I’ll show you” attitude or an air of “revenge is sweet”.   Yet, both of those only further hurt the woman holding that spirit because it places value and worth outside of self and back into the hands of another.

Instead, using optimism will quite literally begin to train your brain and mind, to identify where there is greater potential and a windfall of benefits.

Here are five keys to allow optimism to be the answer so you can release the rawness, anger, fear, and violation and re-engage your personal power and the power for the generations of women to come.

Key #1 – Optimism isn’t conceding – Optimism is believing.

The start to a better world, a better life, a better future begins with the belief that it’s possible.  During times where the possible seems impossible, it takes optimism and belief that no matter what kind of challenge lies in front of you, if you believe you can – it can happen.  What is it that you want to see for 2017 for yourself personally?  What is it that you need to leave in the past so that you can believe in yourself to make it happen?

Key #2  – Optimism allows you to be the light for those in need.

Studies show that when in darkness and need, we look to those who hold potential and optimism.  There is a light that can return to people when they make a fortress within their mind, connected directly to optimism and potential.  Where can you bring that light in for yourself?  Where can you become the beacon for others to connect to their own power?  What would you have to hold strong, to remain that light?

Key #3 – Optimism and passion persuades.

Everything in life responds to emotion.  One of the biggest challenges people are faced with today is the shutting down to human emotion and to hang on to the negative emotions as truth.  Within the physical body and mind the more connected to positive emotion a person can become, the more powerful persuasion for good becomes.  If you want to see the change in your lifetime, be the change by searching for the positive.

Key #4 Optimism is believing that nothing is too good to be true. 

Jim Rohn once said, “Let others live small lives, but not you.  Let others argue over small minded things, but not you.  Let others cry over their hurts, but not you.  Let others leave their futures in someone else’s hands, but not you.”  What is it that you want to see for the holidays?  What is it that you want to see for yourself for 2017? You can have those things by searching for the good in everyone and the opportunity in human potential.

Key #5 – Optimism means believing in fresh starts and new beginnings. 

The capacity for hope, trust and faith are the most significant energies for life.  All three provide humans with a sense of purpose and energy to begin again and get started. What most people fail to realize is that in one’s lifetime reinvention occurs multiple times – with each decade, with each new venture, with each new opportunity a new chapter commences.  You can reinvent yourself, your situation, your entire being when you believe in the power of new beginnings.  If you hold sight of your brilliance and power, you cannot become sucked into someone else’s story.  Write the chapter the way you want to live it by seeing these electoral results as your own new beginning.

Take 15 minutes and draft out you want your new chapter to flow. 

What is the ending, the outcome, or the result you really want to have?  Determine the ending first, then create the path to get there and while on that path hold the optimistic belief that each small step is bringing you closer to that result.

For every battered, beaten and bruised being, there is a new chapter waiting for you.  We’ve all fallen, we’ve all suffered, we’ve all been pained in the night begging for deliverance. With each rock bottom there is the potential for a new outcome. The way to that new desired outcome is by taking it one optimistic step at a time and searching for tools to hold your optimistic resolve.

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