It’s November 29, 2016. We’re heading into the very last month of 2016 and if you’re looking back over your year right now with regret or melancholy, I’ve got great news – there’s still time to win!

Recently I was a guest expert on a telesummit where men and women were struggling with creating success in a variety of places in their lives. Where most people on this summit were getting stuck was when they hadn’t done something before and they are afraid to try. Have you ever been there?

Typically, when you haven’t done something before what creates the feeling of fear is focusing on the process versus on the result or benefit.  I have to admit, I have fallen victim to that in the past myself which was why it was easy for my to help this one particular woman who graciously volunteered for live coaching on the summit.

She was so torn and ready to throw in the towel a sentiment a lot of people feel at the end of a year.  Here she was celebrating that she finally had an awesome platform and what she called a “killer transformational practice” that she could implement with clients, but she was completely hung up on selling it as a virtual product.

The reason – she’d never done it before and it was a starting place for the system she was training in. On this call she was asking, “Should I quit? It was a lot of money for the training, I love it, but it’s not something I’ve done before and I’m not comfortable with starting my clients online? I want to do it my way, which is in person, but the training requires that I have an option for virtual learning. ”

In that very moment, it had never been more clear to me what holds people back – feeling uncomfortable is not bad, it means you’re learning.

So in that moment, I thought of the trend that society is currently going in and instead of just telling her, without an online product or training, you’re hindering your growth instead I asked her specific questions that allowed her to discover a great breakthrough.

Here are the very questions and her answers: 
1) Question: “Do you currently trade money for time?” Answer: “Yes.”
2) Question: “At some point, can you see where this model will hinder you from huge growth?”

Answer: “Absolutely, I see it with most practitioners and coaches – you end up limiting your income because you can only see so many people in a day.”
3) Question: “Have you considered what an online virtual product will do for your business?”

Answer: “Yes, but I just don’t know how – I don’t have a list”
4) Question: “Just out of curiosity, do you think anyone starts with a list? Tony Robbins, Brendan Buchard, Ali Brown – even myself – do you think any of us had a list to market to when we first began?”

Answer: “No”
5) Question: “Do you think they learned and tried and had to get uncomfortable to build their list?”

Answer: “Absolutely.”
6) Question: “Have you considered what passive income would do for your family life?”

Answer: “Absolutely – it would mean that some of the initial work can be done before people even get to me, freeing up more time with my hubby and children, while increasing money”
7) Question: “What could happen if that virtual product was a lead in for people to do more 1:1 private work with you and receive tremendous value from that private work?”
Answer: “I would start to build my list because people could do something anytime they wanted to and it could be the way to build my list!”

8) Question: “Now that you’ve walked through that process, do you still think that a virtual online training product is a block?”

Answer: “No. What I see is the very place my belief and fear of putting myself out there was actually blocking me from my potential and earning more.”

Now, that said, this was a great coaching session – all of 7 minutes because she was willing to see the benefits and focus on the benefits through those questions. The unfortunate truth is that not all people are willing to look for solutions or the benefit. Those who aren’t who get stuck only seeing the challenge in front of them often walk away from an opportunity when they are 3 feet from gold. But, you have the choice right here and now to choose the benefit!

Remember that great news I shared at the beginning of this article – that there is still time to turn 2016 into a win?

Use these specific coaching questions with my 3 tips to pencil in your dream and create your win so that you bring in 2017 with momentum!

The #1 Question To Ask Yourself Going Into December:

“Where have you been 3 feet from gold this year, where you’ve felt uncomfortable and gave up rather than looking for a solution?”

3 Specific Tips To Pencil in Your Dream and Create Your Win:

1) Get Present

Get present with what you’re leaving on the table. This stage is important so that you can truly identify whether you’re focusing on the process versus the benefits of trying something new.

2 questions to ask when in this stage:
a) How do you feel about your current situation and what would you like to feel instead?
b) What do I have to be willing to: let go of/embrace?

2) Dream Short-Term Win!
If you’ve recognized here that you’ve been letting fear, doubt, confusion about the process get in the way of the benefits you’ll receive – AMAZING! This is a great realization and one that’s needed in order to create the dream you’re wanting!

3 questions to ask in this stage in December:
a) How would you feel if you could turn December into a magical month by focusing on the benefits?
b) What specifically would you like to create in December?
c) What 3 action steps are you willing to take to create your dream short-term win?

3) Go For Your Short-Term Win!
The secret to getting ahead is simple – get started. Today is your day. This is your time. Focus on the benefits and be willing to embrace discomfort, each time you do you’ll win!