Have you ever considered that most of us have exercise programs for our bodies, yet very few have exercise programs for our minds and brains? If you take a moment to consider that fact, it’s actually quite astonishing.  Why do you think we choose to condition and train our physical body and not the mind and brain?  Perhaps it’s a reflection of priorities in our society or quite possibly we just haven’t learned to do otherwise.

I’ve researched countless studies on creativity, neuroplasticity, mind training, and neurolinguistics programming while creating my own programs to help women achieve their ‘impossible’ and true to my research one key ingredient that most women have taken off the table is mental training.  So I decided to do a study to determine how imagination and creativity can create your sexiest body yet, on and off the beach.

The imaginative process, where you learn to focus on what you want versus what you have, dramatically shapes and changes your DNA.  Quite literally, the words you’re using to describe your body are also creating what you say you are.  Consider that for a moment with me.  If you’re looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and night, complaining and judging yourself, every cell in your body is responding to the words you’re choosing to use and complying with them.

Of interest, according to a recent Glamour magazine survey, 40 percent of women are unhappy with the body they’re in.
The Glamour survey found that 71 percent of the women survey felt fat, whereas only 46 percent of women are overweight. Of these women, those who reported themselves feeling fat, they also reported dissatisfaction with their personal lives. With the research denoting ‘body shaming’ as a problem, and the direct correlation science has demonstrated that words and thoughts shape DNA and body physiology, I thought it was time to put my money where my mouth is.

If women over the age of 40 are the harshest on themselves, in terms of how they describe their body and satisfaction of life, what if we could change that just by engaging the imagination and using different words to bring their sexy back?

In a sample study we conducted at SuccessOnFireAcademy.com, we asked 28 women to participate.

In our control group, we asked 14 women to record what they say to themselves in the morning and in the evening without any guidance and then to note on a scale of 1-10 their feelings of sexiness.

In our test group, we had 14 women use our Power To Thrive program whereby they used a mental construct to imagine their sexiest body yet.  Then they were asked to record what they said to themselves in the morning and evening while looking in a mirror, giving them specific directions to speak to themselves using words defining what they want to see in the mirror, rather than what they currently see.

Within 30 days, our test group reported feeling the sexiest they had in years, 4 purchased new swimwear or lingerie and wore them each night in front of the mirror, noting that they felt ‘hotter’ than in their 20’s.  5 reported that their sex life improved by frequency, duration and willingness, and 5 others reported that their physical size decreased without changing their physical exercise regime.

Of interest, when we asked our control group (who was not given any instructions to change anything and to just record what they thought while looking in the mirror), after the 30 day study period, to make a simple change in their internal dialogue, most of the women said something to this effect, “I don’t think I can lie to myself and when I look in the mirror say, ‘I’m fabulous’, when I’m not”.  What the study proved to me was that most women have not learned how to allow the outcome they want to guide their actions.  Instead it’s easier for most women to continue to berate themselves, even though it’s not what they really want, simply because they have never been taught otherwise.

So which of these two thought processes are you willing to choose?  Knowing now that your word choice affects your physical body, what words will you begin to use to change what you see in the mirror? What words can you begin to use today, to help you create your sexiest, hottest, most ravishing body yet?

What words do you want to use so that you too can change your physical body, your mindset, your sex life, your happiness… Seriously, what words will you begin to use for yourself today?

Here’s Your Next Best Steps To Bringing Your Sexy Body Back, On and Off The Beach in 30 Days Or Less:

1) Write down 5 SEXY descriptive words of your body – if you have to start with your face and then work your way down your body, for example;

  1. Gorgeous Eyes
  2. Luscious Lips
  3. Beautiful Breasts
  4. Voluptuous Curves
  5. Long ‘Luxy’ Legs

2) Post these 5 words on your mirror.  In the morning look at yourself naked and use the words you came up with to describe your sexiest body you want. (Remember you’re not describing what you have, you’re describing what you want and looking in the mirror at yourself as you do.)

3) Do this every day for 30 days in the morning and night.

4) Want to up level your imagination and bring this to the next level?  Find out more about the Imagine Nation mission and tools we can help you with today!

5) Try this and post your comments and experiences below!  You could win a free introductory lesson in using your imagination to create the life you really want!

Adding in mental exercises, or simply using your words and imagination to focus on what you want, will quite literally transform the way you live. Will you join us in trying it out?