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The Success Ambassador Certification Program

Would You Agree That Now More Than Ever, The World Is In Need Of Change Agents Who Can Help Others Generate Measurable Results?

Many professionals are struggling to have both success and happiness.  Why is this? Mostly because they don’t know how to leverage their value, assets and drive so that they can make a difference in the world.  And therefore, they’re struggling to break out and be recognized.

At Success on Fire Academy, our mission is to bring the Imagine Nation movement forward so that professionals can have both success and happiness.


The demand for a Certification Instructor Training Program in Creative Visualization, Neuroplasticity, Training and Spirituality has never been greater.

The war of addiction, poverty, depression and disconnection needs LEADERS – LIKE YOU – to help transform lives. YOU can help others actualize the success in life that is available to everyone.

The AMAZING NEWS – I’ve spent more than 15 years and a boat load of energy perfecting a Proven method that you can count on to help you succeed! And currently there is no other program like it that certifies instructors to creating lasting results and successful lives.




If you’re ready and willing to step up and step out in a big way, to lead the charge for success with increased self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness then you won’t find a better program to help you do that.

By the time you complete the Success Ambassador Coaching Certification program, you will have the information you need to confidently work with clients, make a great living, and most of all, make a difference.

My career has not only been about being  a teacher, an educator or a therapist and most certainly have NOT been sitting idly on the sidelines.  I’ve had a tremendously productive career of leading people towards success by seeing inside their soul and showing them how to bring that forth.  I had to do my work first, then work with countless clients to REALLY KNOW what works and what doesn’t.  NOW, I’m delighted to be SHARING it all with YOU.



When determining success in life, business, and relationships there is one common denominator – self.  In the Science module, I’ll take you through the concepts of neuroplasticity and biochemistry the brain and body.  Discover an in depth, state-of-the-art approach to human anatomy, biochemistry and the processes within that are required to create tremendous success in all areas of life and living.  

You’ll learn and explore the differences with the physical wiring of the male and female brain and you’ll learn specific techniques that will create substantial results for the gender gap and leadership inequality. I can’t wait until you experience this!


Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, and Belief Systems affect all outcomes in life.  The mind is a powerful determining factor to results of any kind.  In the Psychology Modules you’ll learn about behavioural repetitive tendencies, symbolism of imagery and visioning, while discovering specific exercises, experiences and techniques to interrupt negative programming and reset the mind to possibility and potential.  

Using a specific foundational training, you’ll become an expert at connection with your internal navigational system and you’ll have to see this to believe it… its amazing.


Spirituality is changing the way we do business, the way we lead our lives and the way we connect with self and other. In these modules you will explore what spirituality means. You recognize a clear fusion between the physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions, as well as learn different theories and definitions of spirituality.  

You’ll unearth and discuss how spirituality is different than religion. You will learn the essential elements of spirituality as well as the connection between spirituality and well-being. In addition, we will explore the growing support of spiritual methods in programs as well as educational institutions.

You will learn how spirituality is crucial for success, health and well-being, connection, and decreased risk of illness.  You will learn in-depth concepts of spirituality including consciousness, upper limits, unearthing your distinctive self, spiritual hunger, fear, and ego. You will also learn about how forgiveness, gratitude, love, and sexuality all tie into overall success and help to create radical transformation in your clients.

You’ll be introduced to numerous elements of spirituality including 12 specific modalities that will amplify your tool kit for transformation.


In these exciting modules, you’ll explore what happens before, during and after a session. You will receive a complete blueprint for coaching clients – from confirming their session, to the intake process, to setting up the environment, to closing the session and following up. In addition, you will learn how to prepare for a coaching session, obtaining releases, and gathering health histories.

You’ll also learn about client centered coaching and also gain an in-depth understanding of various coaching techniques including NLP, Consciousness Coaching, Solution Based Coaching, Co-Active Coaching, and more. Plus some true-to-life case study examples!

In this module you will learn the Success on Fire™ Coaching Method – an exciting method, available only through SFA – that helps you take your client back to their first issues with confidence, self-awareness, money, relationships and so much more – all so they can release that trauma and begin a new life!


You’ll begin creating your Million Dollar Mindset and Million Dollar Brand using the state-of-the-art experiences and training that sets Success On Fire™ apart from any other business training out there today.  You’ll learn how to eliminate fear, create anything you want, boost your confidence, deliver stellar presentations, connect with clients so that they immediately want to work with you, all while using grounded methods to achieve your goals.  You’ll learn how to create a client list that’s instrumental to owning a 6 or 7 figure business and I’ll share with you specific strategies and tools including the psychology and key steps you’ll need to claim this.  You’ll also learn about paramount concepts such as partnering to build your business fast!  Growing your business to 6 figures plus means creating multiple streams of income, you’ll literally learn how to make money while you sleep!  

As the first group to go through the Success Ambassador™ Certification Training, you’ll also immediately be grandfathered into the Success Alchemist™ Certification and you’ll qualify to apply to become a Success Angel™!  There are so many opportunities for your business to grow with this opportunity to come in at ground level!

What Can I Do With My Education?

  • Work privately with clients

  • Work with groups

  • Become a better coach/trainer/therapist/speaker

  • Expand your current business or practice

  • Host retreats

  • Write books

  • Create programs

  • Create products

  • Start a podcast

  • Create blog

  • Host a radio show

  • Speak

  • Start a foundation

  • Get featured on TV, Radio, or Magazines

  • Conduct trainings in schools

  • Work with youth groups and children

  • Start a movement

  • Change lives

  • Repair and Improve relationships

  • Improve connection with children and parents

  • Ignite the real concept of Emotional Intelligence

  • And so much more!

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