Meet The Founder of Success On Fire™ Academy Andrea Carter:

I’m an avid science geek, passionate spiritual explorer, zealous leadership and gender equality coach. I’m a shameless romantic wife of nearly 20 years and a hard-core Momma of 2. This is my life…

Once upon a time, I was a therapist who specialized in women’s health issues. I used concepts of science, psychology, spirituality and coaching to unleash their potential for healing and success.

I grew frustrated that there wasn’t one place that educated all adults, male and female, on simple and essential principles for creating success on their terms – one that would create permanent change.

The Inner Navigation Centre™ has been something I’ve taught and used for nearly 20 years.  It’s helped create a rock solid marriage, a multi-six figure business, 2 children I was not supposed to be able to conceive – and that’s just my story.

What I am very clear on is that after nearly 20 years of training and working privately with clients, it was time to bring this unique method into public access.

That’s why I created Success on Fire™. Now I spend my days showing people how to captivate joy, success and incredible income by unleashing their unlimited human potential – a complete fusion of science, psychology, spirituality, coaching and business.

This is my life’s work meeting your soul. I’ve kept it hidden for years believing the world wasn’t ready. What I see now is that in unleashing it to you, a global shift can occur.

Welcome to my family.

Meet The Founder of Success On Fire™ Academy Andrea Carter:

Kelly Newman is a POWERHOUSE in feminine leadership! She is a Certified Feminine Leadership Coach® through Wealthy Woman Warrior™.

Kelly understands the concepts of feminine leadership because she walks her talk and leads others to do the same. She’s the epitome of feminine success on fire – clients love her because she inspires them to live in their power.

She specializes in empowerment. She powerfully coaches women to design their lives and live them on purpose. Success is imminent, when women are confident, connected and free.

Kelly Newman is a mother of three, a devoted wife, and a successful entrepreneur. She has a background in body sculpting and physical transformation and can help you take the lead in your life and reinvent what you believe to be possible for yourself.

Kelly is becoming the Go-To-Expert for Confidence and Empowerment at Success on Fire™ as she completes her training as a Success Ambassador™.  She comes highly recommended by Andrea.  In the years of working with Kelly she has overachieved, accepted every challenge and sought the higher road.  Kelly was personally invited to become a Success Ambassador because of the tremendous work she has achieved in the 10 years Andrea has known her.

Meet Julie Schippanoski, RHN, Advanced Studies in Ayrvedic Nutrition & Herbology, Wellness Coach

Julie has over 20 years of experience in complementary healthcare and integrative energy medicine and coaching. Julie has passionately helped people transform difficult health issues and conditions by teaching them how to tune into their internal power.

Many come to Julie who have never before been exposed to information on how thoughts and beliefs shape physical conditions and external experiences.

In France, Julie was a consultant to The Family Hope Center, an organization from the USA that provides programs for brain-injured children. In Hong Kong, she consulted and was the lead nutritionist for prominent medical doctor and author, Dr. Sue Jamieson. Julie has been featured in popular magazines in Asia, such as TimeOut Hong Kong, Gafencu and AsiaSpa. She has authored several articles and has given lectures and conducted workshops for organizations across Hong Kong, Europe and Canada on topics of nutrition & energy medicine.

Julie has raised 2 boys while living overseas in Belgium, France, Hong Kong & Singapore pioneering her skills in each country.

Andrea highly recommends Julie Schippanoski as a leader and Ambassador for living your success…on fire!  She is quickly becoming the Go-To-Expert at Success On Fire™ Academy in Family Health & Vigor.  Julie for years specialized in the treatment of children, teenagers with Aspergers, ADHD, depression and learning disabilities.  She understands first hand the complexity of family health and the benefits of having mental constructs for each member of the family.

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