Become A Trainer: The Success Ambassador

4-5 Benefits:

1) Discover a proven system to set aside your own doubts, fears, worries so that you can step into being the change agent you’ve been wanting to become.

2) Train in proven content that you can customize to your market and discover how to create solid offers that clients desire and want.

3) Earn income being a luminary for others within a global movement

4) Become a change agent for the growing 9 billion dollar problem – global depression/unhappiness (WHO states that by 2020, depression will be the #1 cause of disability worldwide)

Virtual Training: Power To Thrive


  • Learn how to activate your imagination (imagine nation) and discover a tool you can use immediately to uplevel your confidence, self-esteem, and inner resolve
  • Release the sadness, depression and lack of hope and transform it into connection, joy and potential
  • Learn how to go through the world without being held hostage by fear, doubt or overwhelm and instead meet challenges with enthusiasm and trust
  • Discover how to choose success, vitality, and inner power
  • Create attainable targets using INC and actualize them
  • Regardless of the limitation or challenge, be it financial, health, professional success, relationships, inner peace or happiness have a tool to consistently re-energize, re-focus, and navigate you towards what you want versus what you have.

Find A Trainer: Success Ambassadors

4-5 Benefits:

1) Trying to focus on everything creates overwhelm and pressure, when you work with a Success Ambassador in Private 1:1 training after Power To Thrive you’ll receive focused guidance on how to actualize attainable targets.

2) Having someone hold you as powerful enables you to go further, farther and faster.

3) You can’t learn everything there is to know in 8 hours.  Once you have INC, you can achieve a great amount on your own yet you’ll have questions and practical applications you’ll want to explore. Success Ambassadors are trained to do this with you with your specific focus in mind.

4) Discover clarity in the areas of your life that have previously kept you stuck when you have a trained professional who sees you with absolutely no judgement but instead tremendous power.